The Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association (AHSCA) sponsored its annual Hungarian Heritage Day on Sunday, June 5, 2005 at St. Margaret Hall near Albany. Honorees (those of Hungarian descent, ages 75 and over) were greeted at the door and presented with a special certificate commemorating the occasion. Each also received a “Hungarian Honoree, 2005" button to wear during the celebration. The buttons were white with red lettering and decorated with red, white and green ribbons. Individual photographs of the honorees were taken by Bill Prokop as they came in the door. A total of 43 honorees attended this year’s event!! AHSCA President, Jim King, started the program by welcoming the crowd and leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Suzanna Green, daughter of Kathleen Mocsary Green, then sang the Star-Spangled Banner. Immediately following, Victoria Mocsary, led the singing of the Hungarian National Anthem. Rev. Dr. Stephen Sanders of the Albany Hungarian Presbyterian Church led the invocation prayer. The program was then turned over to Victoria Mocsary, chair of the Heritage Day Committee. Mocsary officially recognized the honorees, calling each of them by name. Next, door prizes were handed out to two lucky honorees. Ninety-three-year-old Elizabeth King received a beautiful floral bouquet and a prize ribbon for being the oldest honoree at the event. Stephen King, who came all the way from Kempner, Texas received a package of Hungarian playing cards and a prize ribbon for being the honoree who traveled the farthest to attend this event. The entertainment for the afternoon began with the Gáncsi, a Hungarian men’s dance performed by Paul Bates, Mike Erdey, Marty Farkas, and Tom Mocsary. Suzanna Green and Victoria Mocsary then performed the following songs in Hungarian: Ég a Város and Debrecen. Next, a local children’s dance group, called The Little Gypsies, performed a series of dances to Hungarian melodies. The conclusion of the program came when ten year olds, Jacob Green and Christina Mocsary, and five year old, Megan Green, dazzled the audience by singing the following songs in Hungarian: Kis Kutya, Nagy Kutya, Az a Szép and Piros Piros Piros. Aftern the singing, Rev. Sanders led a prayer to bless the food and refreshments were served. The delicacies included punch, sandwiches, cookies, cake, and Hungarian pastries, such as kiflik and kalács. The Heritage Day committee: Kathleen Green, Victoria Mocsary, Julia Ourso, and Margaret Resetar, would like to thank all of the volunteers who prepared food or helped in any way to make this event possible.




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